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Can sperm cells be absorbed in the rectum and enter the bloodstream? What happens to sperm in rectum?

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  1. By Michael Castleman:

    The healthy rectum does not absorb sperm so no sperm cells pass into the bloodstream. When anal intercourse deposits sperm in the rectum, most of them quickly leave as the semen that carries them flows out of the anus. Any sperm that remain inside quickly die and their decomposed remains exit during defecation.

    However, under some circumstances, sperm deposited in the rectum can come in contact with blood. If the recipient has hemorrhoids that bleed, or colitis, which causes open sores in the rectum, or if anal intercourse is particularly vigorous and injures some of the delicate capillaries in the area, then sperm come in contact with blood. As far as I know, those sperm do not get absorbed into the bloodstream, so you don’t wind up with sperm swimming around in the blood. The rectum is not a hospitable environment for sperm, so they die quickly.

    But HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, CAN BE absorbed into the bloodstream during anal intercourse, in fact, unprotected anal intercourse is a fairly efficient means of HIV infection. If you have recipient anal intercourse and aren’t certain that your partner is HIV-negative, use condoms ALWAYS.

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