The Real Kama Sutra: More Than An Ancient Sex Manual

Everyone knows the Kama Sutra is ancient India’s racy sex manual. The very title conjures up titillating visions of smiling maharajas cavorting with bejeweled naked nymphs.

But few Americans have ever read it—not even the “good parts,” the sexual positions that made the book famous. Meanwhile, the major English translation is a travesty. It dates from 1883 and was published just once in the U.S., in 1962. Its author, English army officer Richard Burton, tortured the text to shoehorn it into Victorian views about sexuality, notably the that only men experience sexual desire and pleasure, and that women are simply passive receptacles for men’s lust. The real Kama Sutra expresses much different—and more contemporary—attitudes. More »»

7 Masturbation Myths—and the Truth About Solo Sex

Surely you know that it won’t cause insanity or grow hair on your palms. But judging by the questions I’ve received from people of all ages on my site,, many folks wonder about masturbation. Let’s examine some masturbation myths:

Myth # 1: Ninety-eight percent of people masturbate—and the other 2 percent are lying.

Truth: Masturbation is common but not as universal as the myth suggests. According to a recent survey of a representative sample of 5,865 Americans aged 14 to 94 by researchers at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, depending on age, 67 to 94 percent of men have masturbated at least once, and 43 to 67 percent have done it in the past month. Among women, 43 to 85 percent have masturbated, with 21 to 43 percent having enjoyed it in the past month. Because masturbation is still stigmatized, it’s likely that actual rates are somewhat higher. But clearly, masturbation is not universal. If you do it, that’s fine, and if you don’t, that’s fine, too. More »»

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Vibrators: Myths vs. Truth

Vibrators are by far the most popular sex toy. Sexual enhancement product catalogs offer dozens of models. According to one recent survey, one-third of adult American women own at least one vibrator. In other surveys, women laud vibrators for enhancing both solo and partner sex. But some women wonder if they might be harmful in […]