Got Arthritis? Regular Sex To The Rescue

Has a doctor ever advised: “Go home and make love frequently.” Probably not. But for the estimated 35 million American adults with persistent joint pain, this prescription makes perfect sense. Sex is surprisingly good for the joints, and it helps relieve joint pain.

Mention “joint pain,” and people think “arthritis.” There are dozens of types of arthritis, but the most prevalent is osteoarthritis (OA). You don’t have to be eligible for Medicare to suffer OA. Many young people are also afflicted as a result of athletic injuries, joint trauma (notably bike and car accidents), repetitive strain (keyboarding), family history, and plain old bad luck. But OA becomes increasingly common with age. It’s a rare person over 50 who doesn’t suffer discomfort because of it. More »»

Sexual Evolution: Insights From Antique Porn, 1899-1960s

The world’s first filmmakers were Auguste and Louis Lumiere, who held their first screenings of projected motion pictures in 1895 in Paris. Soon after, other French filmmakers were producing pornographic movies, and by the end of World War I, American pornographers had joined them. Most early porn has been lost to history, but during the 1990s, surviving antique porn films became available on video, and by 2000, they were widely available on the Internet. Today, the term “antique porn” describes X-rated movies from 1899 to the 1960s. Antique porn is fascinating because it illuminates changes in sexual mores during the 60-year period it chronicles. More »»

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Effective Self-Help for Women with Low or No Libido

If you’re a woman troubled by little or no erotic desire, a recent study shows that a self-help book by a woman sex therapist provides a significant libido boost. The book is A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex (2009) by Laurie B. Mintz, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Florida. Compared […]