Ladies, Secrets of Fabulous Fellatio

Some women dislike providing oral sex, but many enjoy it. “Lots of women derive pleasure from feeling a lover’s erection in their mouths,” says Fair Oaks, California, sex therapist Louanne Weston. Ph.D. “But few women relish what you often see in pornography—having their heads held firmly while men push their erections deep down their throats. That makes most women gag and feel used. But with the man seated or on his back and the woman kneeling or above him, she has a great deal of control and can be as playful and creative as she likes. Many women enjoy that—as well as seeing how much their lovers enjoy oral sex.” More »»

Gentlemen, How to Improve Cunnilingus

The myth is that men don’t enjoy giving women oral sex. Actually, many (most?) love it. For many men, providing this special gift feels deeply intimate and very satisfying. In addition, women are much more likely to have orgasms from oral than intercourse. Cunnilingus is not difficult, but some men are unschooled in the fine points. Here’s how to boost her pleasure and your self-confidence as a lover.

“Cunnilingus” comes from the Latin cunnus for vulva, women’s external genitalia, and lingere, to lick. Cunnilingus is popular but by no means universal. According to a recent survey by researchers at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, 75 percent of adult women have received it at least once, with 60 percent of those age 21 to 49 saying they’ve received it during the past year, and 33 percent of women over 50. (I’m surprised these figures are so low.) More »»

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“You Want WHAT?!” How to Approach Sexual Experimentation

Your sex life isn’t exactly boring, but it’s not fireworks either, not like it was in the early days of your relationship. Perhaps you’re in a sexual rut. But even if you’re not, maybe your groove feels like it’s headed in that direction. Maybe you’ve been fantasizing about trying some variations to keep things fresh […]