Want Better Sex? Embrace Diet And Lifestyle Wisdom

Mention sexual enhancement, and I doubt that you flash on a long walk or a fruit salad. But in the never-ending quest for better sex, something crucial often gets overlooked—the importance of boring old healthy lifestyle advice. A great deal of research demonstrates that not-particularly-sexy lifestyle adjustments significantly improve the quality and pleasure of lovemaking. The same lifestyle approaches also extend longevity—so you can enjoy sex for years longer. More »»

Fun with Blindfolds, Especially When Worn By Women

As sex toys go, blindfolds are nowhere near as popular as vibrators, but they offer wonderfully erotic sexual enhancement—especially (in heterosexual couples) when worn by the woman.

Sexologists agree that of the five senses, most men get most turned on by what they see, notably, women in sexy outfits and the gyrations of pornography. It’s no coincidence that the vast majority of lingerie is worn by women to please men, or that the vast majority of porn is consumed by men. Men love to watch sexually charged visual images. More »»

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“An Enchanting Evening:” The Erotic Game That Enhances Couple Intimacy

The year was 1979, the place Scottsdale, Arizona, and Barbara Jonas was upset because she and her husband, Michael, had a spat shortly before Michael left on a business trip. Feeling lonely, Barbara, then 37, regretted the tiff, and did not want lingering bad feelings to spoil the couple’s reunion. She wanted Michael’s homecoming to […]